Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Beauty Tips for June 2006

Beautiful Brows

Use the tweezer's pointed tip to grasp smaller, finer hairs, and the slant for general tweezing.

Fast Fix

Touch up makeup throughout the day with loose powder. Dab onto brush, then apply to shiny patches where foundation has thinned.

The Perfect Curl

Use a heated lash curler before applying mascara or eye color. For extra drama and lift, follow with Extreme Volume Mascara. Avon's heated lash curler gently and safely curls lashes in just 10 second and is only $5.99 until July 2. Extreme Volume Mascara only $2.95 until July 2. Comes in Navy, Brown/Black, and Soft Black.

Go Straight

For temporary release of curls, use Avon's Straight and Sleek Shampoo, Conditioner, and Smoothing Balm, then section hair and straighten for a silky, shiny, curl-free finish. Shampoo and conditioner are only $2.49 each for 12 fl oz per bottle until July 2. Smoothing Balm only $2.99 for 5 fl oz bottle until July 2.

Curly Cue

For a curly or fuller look, try Avon's bendable rollers. Wrap hair tightly around roller, roll to scalp and twist roller ends together for a secure hold. Only $6.99 for a set of 12 until July 2

Feet First

Exfoliate using a callus remover to smooth down tough calluses. Then apply a moisturizing cream to leave feet soft and pretty.

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